Below You Can Find What You Can Expect Of This Server.
•As Close To 1.0 As We Can Get It
•Lvl 130
•1st Rb
•+9 Gears
•No BattlePower or Potency
•No Cps
•No Lotto
•Low Rate
•No NPC To Socket Gear.. Socketing Is By Chance Only.
•Old Composition System
•Moonboxes By Quest Only
•NO Free ExpBalls
•This Server Actually Has A Reason For The Market!
•Gotta Be Willing To Work For Where You Wanna Be
•No +Stones Other Than +1 Which Can Only Be Obtained Via Hunting
•Item Lock Disabled
•Anti-Bot Protected
•Great Staff
•Donaters Don't Have Much Of An Advantage
•Every Player Is Equal
•Events Coming Soon!
•Lots Of Other Features
•Vote Reward System

Server is Hosted 24/7 On A VPS So Therefore There Is Virtually No Lag.

We Look Forward To Seeing You Guys In Game!